Having lived in the USA for more than a decade, Jan Muellers, a passionate watersports enthusiast, had opened his own SUP & Surf shop in the state of South Carolina and became a dealer for Jimmy Lewis Boards. Jimmy being an icon among shapers, a dream came true as Jan was able to promote and sell the “Best boards on the planet”.

Now, all dreams come to an end at some point and Jan moved back to Germany in the end of 2016. While attending his last Surf Expo Show in Orlando in September 2016, saying good bye to Jimmy as well as other friends and suppliers, Jimmy suggested Jan taking over the import and distribution of the Jimmy Lewis brand in Germany.

This was clearly out of reach for a couple of years and Jan continued on his original route, working in logistics quality assurance in the automotive industry - but the thought of doing what he was passionate about kept nagging….

Fast forward a couple of years – after having left his long time employer of 30 plus years Jan founded HAIKU Sports in March 2021 becoming the Jimmy Lewis Boards importer for Europe.

Jimmy Lewis Boards being top end in performance and in quality, it was only natural to find and add other brands that provide a match and compliment the performance and quality of Jimmy's boards.

After quite some research and discussions with Chris Gutzeit and Karl Muggeridge, Cloud IX Surffoils were added to the lineup. A full carbon foil brand, with an easy set up and an easy ride that was designed for carving - perfect!

Having boards and foils, only the right "power supply" had to be found - here, PPC Foiling from New Zealand joined. Already widely known in the pacific arena as a high quality wing, PPC's Surge was just what we were looking for. Not yet know in Europe, we knew that the market introduction would take some work - but the Surge not only providing high quality in its materials and manufacturing, but being very powerful, fast and with great balance, we knew we had found something special to complete the initial lineup.