• PPC Foiling Founder Sam Loader on the updated M1 Wing

    PPC Founder Sam Loader, takes us through the specs of the M1 and what sets it apart from pack. What's new with the updated M1 Wing?
  • HAIKU EZ-Slide Titanium T-Nuts

    Our HAIKU EZ-Slide T-Nuts - never get annoyed again by T-Nuts getting stuck in the foil box!
  • Jimmy Lewis EUROPE

    Brining "da best boards on da planet" back to Europe - Jimmy Lewis Europe & HAIKU 
  • HAIKU Sports @ Duesseldorf boot Show 2024

    Our second appearance at the boot show in Duesseldorf. On a little more than 100m2 we again had brought a lot of Surf-, SUP, Kite- and Foilboards from Jimmy Lewis, Foils from Cloud IX Surffoils, awesome wings from PPC Foiling as well as the brand new Foilbooster from STOKE Foiling
  • Blue Planet Show visits Jimmy Lewis in his Workshop in Haiku, Maui

    Aloha friends, it's Robert Stehlik. Thanks so much for tuning in to the Blue Planet Show. Today's show is extra special. I got to meet with Jimmy Lewis. Derek and Lucas and I visited his workshop in Haiku in Maui, where he showed us his whole workshop, gave us a full tour, showed us his house as well. He even gave us t shirts and signed them.
  • Jens von Get Up Stand Up zum Maestro von Jimmy Lewis

    Den Begriff "FUNBOARD" vergeben wir selten. Denn viele Boards sind oft spezialisiert. Ein Funboard dagegen hat primär eine Aufgabe: Spaß machen! Der Jimmy Lewis Maestro ist aber genau dieses Board. Criusen, Wellen, und vor allem Turns und Tricks sind sein Metier. Und damit macht der auch noch Spaß!
  • Meet up with Mike Jucker @standupjournal at the 2024 Boot Show

    We are reviewing some new products by Jimmy Lewis Boards, Clound 9 Foils and PPC wings. All at the booth of Haiku Sports European importer of these...
  • Back at the 2024 Duesseldorf Boot Show with @Gleiten.TV

    Check in with Uwe Schroeder from on the new stuff from Cloud IX Surffoils we brought to the 2024 boot Show Duesseldorf.

    (German only...sorry)

  • PPC Foiling M1 Product Release Video

    The benchmark of wings has just dropped! Introducing the new M1 wing with a whole new level of technology. Every detail was taken into considerati...
  • First View - PPC Foiling M1 Wing

    A first view of the brand new M1 Wing from PPC Foiling
  • Circus Stand Up Paddling Downwind Board Test (by Christoph Mantz)

    End of January 2023 in Dusseldorf - we are present at the Boot Show to present the SUP tent BAJAO Cabin ( A product that gets t...
  • Circus Stand Up Paddling Wave Board Test (by Christoph Mantz)



    The weather was anything but inviting. Thunderstorm in the morning with heavy rain and the wind picked up more and more. From 11 a.m. onshore wind forces of 4-6 Bft were announced in Hvide Sande, the small fishing village and surfing area in Denmark. Not really the conditions that really drive you onto the water.

    “Stay at home and come back on Wednesday” advised Mirko, a friend who was on holiday in Hvide Sande. But today was the only opportunity to test a few Jimmy Lewis SUPs in the waves. So Mirko's advice was ignored, Neo, paddle and leash thrown into Julia's transporter and off we went to Hvide Sande.